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NutriiVeda is a refreshing 100%-natural meal-replacement drink that combines a proprietary blend of 7 Ayurvedic botanicals along with over 22 vitamins and minerals, high quality protein, soluble fiber, and essential amino acids.

The scientifically proven ingredients in NutriiVeda have been shown to support fat metabolism, maintain normal blood sugar levels, curb appetite cravings, and promote greater energy levels. NutriiVeda is casein and gluten free and contains no preservatives.

Health Benefits

The scientifically proven ingredients in NutriiVeda have been shown to help you:

  1. NutriiVeda™ supports fat metabolism. As a low-calorie, nutrient-dense meal replacement product, NutriiVeda also helps enhance fat metabolism for healthy weight control.
  2. NutriiVeda maintains normal blood sugar levels. NutriiVeda supports normal blood sugar levels, which is an important component for weight management and energy levels.
  3. NutriiVeda helps suppress appetite. NutriiVeda helps suppress appetite and eliminate unhealthy food cravings through a combination of botanicals and key nutrients often missing in today’s diet.
  4. NutriiVeda helps increase energy. NutriiVeda promotes balanced and sustained energy levels.
  5. NutriiVeda Is low-carbohydrate. NutriiVeda is a balanced part of a low-carbohydrate and low-glycemic diet.
  6. NutriiVeda contains premium nutrition. NutriiVeda contains 22 premium vitamins and minerals, 20 amino acids, and high-quality sources of protein and soluble fiber.
  7. NutriiVeda is a “clean” product. Differing from most products on the market today, NutriiVeda is all natural and does not contain any synthetic or genetically modified ingredients. Additionally, NutriiVeda does not contain casein or gluten.
  8. Combines Ayurveda and Modern Science. NutriiVeda is a groundbreaking product—formulated by a world-renowned team of Ayurvedic doctors, Western physicians, and modern nutritional scientists.

Endorsed By Deepak Chopra

NutriiVeda is endorsed by the Chopra Center for Well Being. Dr. Deepak Chopra, world famous doctor, is the founder of the Chopra Center.

Dr. Chopra is also a renowned author of more than fifty-five books. (14 Bestsellers!) His writing includes topics on mind-body health, Ayruvedic Science, spirituality, and peace. Time Magazine call him the “poet-prophet of alternative medicine.”

This is the FIRST TIME the Chopra Center™ has EVER endorsed a third party product.

Are You Up To The Challenge?

Join with Zrii in the Body Transformation Challenge to create a whole new you! However, there’s more to this challenge than transforming your body—give yourself the challenge to transform your wardrobe, your self image, and your overall health.

One Grand Prize winner will be selected among all participants to win the grand prize—$5,000, plus a free vacation for 2 at the 2010 Zrii Incentive trip!

The Body Transformation Challenge has four categories:

  • Female ages 18-39
  • Female ages 40+
  • Male ages 18-39
  • Male ages 40+

Each category will have a first, second, and third place winner.

  • Grand Prize: $5,000 cash and a vacation for 2
  • First prize: $1,000
  • Second prize: $250
  • Third prize: Three months of free product

We’ll send you additional information on how to join the challenge following your purchase.

The the most common way to get started with NutriiVeda is by purchasing a 30 day supply. What are you waiting for?

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