The Program

The Program

Ayurvedic Weight Management for life- NutriiVeda

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Because Ayurveda recognizes that true body transformation and overall wellbeing must extend to all aspects of lifestyle, Zrii’s Scientific Advisory Board has created the wholly unique NutriiVeda Program™. This program offers a tailored guidemap for improving digestion, cleansing the tissues, lightening the body, creating clarity in the mind, and revitalizing your energetic core.

Phase 1: Incorporation & Detoxification

The first 2 weeks of the program are important to changing habits and practices that you have developed over the course of many years or even decades. Although modifying these behaviors will take time, the program is designed to create a long-term lifestyle change that is beneficial to your overall health and wellbeing.

Phase II: Creating Balance

Phase II will last from week 3 of the program until you ultimately reach your weightloss goal. This second phase is the real substance or core of the program. If you are able to follow Phase II with discipline, you will shed excess weight while also increasing vitality, immunity, and creating overall good health.

Phase III: Maintaining the Lifestyle

Phase III is designed to help you maintain your ideal weight and the new lifestyle that you have worked so hard to achieve. The most important thing to remember is that you have to consciously keep the program going on some level, in order to maintain the positive results.

By following this program, you will learn:

  • How to bring greater awareness into your dietary and lifestyle choices in order to achieve optimal health.
  • How to eat a balanced diet and help achieve your ideal weight through improving overall digestion, metabolism, and vital energy.
  • How to exercise in a way that balances your unique bodily constitution.
  • How to incorporate mind-body techniques such as meditation, breathing, and simple Yoga exercises that will assist in your weight management program.
  • How to set and achieve your goals through ‘self-referential’ exercises such as daily wellness journaling to help keep you on track and to chart your success.

Most importantly, you will learn what it feels like to take a conscious step towards greater health, and how to lead by example and inspire others around you!